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Black Cutworm Moth Captures - April 26-May 2

Black Cutworm Update 

Source: Lisa Behnken, UM Extension Educator - Crops, Bruce Potter, UM IPM Specialist SWROC and Travis Vollmer, University of Minnesota Extension.

The Black Cutworm trap at my farm in Olmsted County, located south of Rochester has been very quiet.  Zero moths caught this past week, and only a few over the past several weeks. 

However, there are a few Hot Spots for the week of April 26- May 2 in  southern Minnesota, which can be seen on the map below.  Concerns arises when a trap captures eight or more black cutworm moths over a two night period.  The Faribault County trap had a season high of 16 moths on April 28 and in Lac Qui Parle County there were 8 moths April 28-29.

The Black Cutworm life cycle, from egg to moth takes 1 1/2 months or more. The degree-day model for development predicts larvae large enough to cut plants after 300 degree days have accumulated. (base 50 degrees, just like corn). Only larger, 4th - 6th instar cutworm larvae can cut corn plants. Read complete and past reports at:

Black Cutworm Moth Counts April 26-May 2.

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