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Spring Weather Delays Allow Time To Think

This spring is starting to feel a bit too much like 2013.  No snow like last year, but we have many wet fields in the area and very little to no field activity possible..yet.  The weekend provided such much needed relief and sunshine.  Perhaps we can move in some fields tomorrow afternoon.  As we wait for the fields to dry, take some time to firm up your plans to get ahead of the last years weed problems (due to the prevented plant acres) and keep ahead of resistance problems on your farm.

Consider these comments from Dr. Mike Owen, Iowa State University Extension Weed Specialist, about preventing weed resistance and weed management programs,
"The question that must be considered is how growers choose to modify their weed management programs. Comments by participating farmers indicated that the most common changes were inclusion of residual herbicides and use of multiple herbicide groups. Whether these adjustments address the complexity of the multiple herbicide resistances present in waterhemp remains to be seen. The fact that most of the changes are herbicide-based may not provide the necessary diversity of tactics needed to address the increasing issues of herbicide resistance in Iowa crop production."

Do you have enough diversity on your farm?  Are you including more than a herbicide based system to prevent resistant weed problems?  Take Control and put a management system to fight resistance on your farm.  

Read more and view presentations at the University of Minnesota Extension Crops page: under Weed Management and Social Media. 


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