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Corn Hybrid Yield Results from SROC, Waseca

We are busy analyzing data from our corn and soybean trials in southeast Minnesota.  We have finished the corn hybrid yield trials located at the SROC in Waseca and the results can be found at the links below.  This trial were planted on May 17, 2014 and harvested on October 21 and 22, 2014.

 Results from other trials will be posted as they are available. Support for these trials comes from individual company entries, University of Minnesota SROC in Waseca, and University of Minnesota Extension, Rochester. 

2014 CONVENTIONAL Corn Hybrid Yields, Waseca, MN
Average Yield = 155 bu/a, Range = 137 - 173 bu/A

2014 EARLY (91-95 RM) Corn Hybrid Yield, Waseca, MN
Average Yield = 160 bu/A, Range = 149 - 178 bu/A

2014 MID (96-100 RM) Corn Hybrid Yields, Waseca, MN
Average Yield = 162 bu/A, Range = 148 - 175 bu/A
NOTE, however, this trial was a NS for significance.

2014 LATE (101-105 RM) Corn Hybrid Yields, Waseca, MN
Average Yield = 155 bu/A, Range 137 - 170 bu/A

Lisa M. Behnken
UM Extension E…
Drastic outdoor cooling may create some grain storage and drying problems The drastic outdoor cooling that has occurred may create some grain storage and drying problems. Following are some questions that I have received and my responses. The questions are italicized and my answers follow the questions.

Kenneth Hellevang, Ph.D., PE, Extension Engineer, Professor Fellow-American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
North Dakota State University Extension Service
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “With the sudden change in air temps. What is the best management strategy for running aeration fans on bins to cool grain without freezing the bin? “ The kernels will not freeze together if the corn moisture content is below 24%. There is extensive experience with cooling corn to well below freezing and the corn still being able to flow normally. The acceptable moisture cont…