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Thats not a weed we usually see...

It is not foxtail, quackgrass, woolly cup, crabgrass, or barnyard grass.

I found it littering the better part of a half section.  That said, the population of weeds wasn't very large but the weeds were distributed in a somewhat uniform pattern.  Upon closer inspection the weed is easily identified as rye.

So where did it come from?  This particular farm has never planted rye, and has never utilize a cover crop.  A farm to the south had seeded down rye in fall 2014.  They used an airplane for seeding and given the pattern and distribution of rye plants it is safe to assume this is our source of rye.

Given the stage of the rye and the fact this is conventional corn, there are not any good options for control.  Hand roguing is an option.  As cover crops gain greater popularity this may or may not become more of an issue.

Something to watch.

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