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Hi all,

For those whom I haven’t met yet, I recently came on board with University of Minnesota Extension as an Educator in Agricultural Water Quality Protection.  I’m working in the karst areas of southeastern Minnesota, having just moved from the state of Virginia, and focusing on nitrogen fertilizer management.  An important issue for all of us, to be sure. 
One of the great, and humbling, things about moving to a different part of the country is that everything is new- the people, the cropping systems, the soils, and the climate.  I have really enjoyed meeting all the farmers, agronomists, and Extension folks that I have this winter, and look forward to getting to know everyone I haven’t yet met.  Likewise, it has been a pleasure to learn all about the research that has been done here in Minnesota, both at the University and on Minnesota farms, and how that research can help us make good fertilizer decisions.

For instance, the Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate (EONR) strategy recommended by the University for making nitrogen fertilizer rate decisions is a new approach for me.  It has been very interesting for me to learn about this system, and I will probably be blogging about it frequently in the future, especially since the EONR has just been updated to reflect nitrogen response trials from the last several years.  In this instance, I’m learning alongside everyone else.  Stay tuned!

And feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns:
Phone: 507-536-6300

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