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Fast Forward on Frost Recovery

Abnormally cold temperatures and frost on 5/14/16 and 5/15/16 caused significant injury to many corn fields in Southeastern Minnesota.  Corn injury was influenced by planting date, with most severe injury on planting dates around April 19th. 

Corn planted around April 19th, sustained serious damage and has had the most difficult recovery.  My infield observations on May 23rd were that stands had not been reduced by much, if at all, by the frost. That said, the crop came back unevenly and upwards of 20,000 of plants per acre were buggy-whipped or tied up as of Monday May 23rd (stand counts remain at 34,000 to 35,000).

Fast Forward to June 8th, stands remain strong and plants have grown through the buggy whipping but growth remains uneven across the areas most severely affected by frost:

We will see if things even out over the next few weeks.
 Ryan Miller