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Opportunity to Tour Weed Management Trials in Rochester

July 22, 2016

Fritz and I invite you to come and see the weed management / herbicide trials at our Rochester Field location. Since our rainy, July 7 Field Day, a number of groups (large and small) have toured the trials with us. Of keen interest are management strategies to control waterhemp and giant ragweed in soybeans, especially with herbicide resistant issues growing. ​There are also demonstrations showing the value of using preemergence herbicides in soybeans. For example - how many days can a robust preemergence (PRE) program give you before the postemergence (POST) program needs to be applied? We also have four corn weed management trials that include new herbicide combinations such as Acuron, Acuron Flexi, Resicore, and Diflexx Duo. We show many herbicide programs, but like to discuss what non-chemical ideas have you implemented on your farm?

You are welcome to tour the plots on your own (plots are signed) or if we are available, Fritz and I will take your group through…